Inside Michael Imperioli’s Little Slice of History in New York City

The hotel-inspired decor is especially fitting considering how much the couple travels. Last year, when Michael filmed The White Lotus season two in Taormina, Sicily, Victoria came along, exploring the area and marveling at the testa di moro pottery on the balconies, the nearby medieval village of Castelmola, and just the striking antiquity all around. “When we travel in Europe, we feel like we always fit right in because there’s so much history. There’s so much imbued with a very profound sense of beauty,” Victoria says.

Works from older periods of western art history in particular, she explains, were less about self-expression for the artist and more about capturing the earthly and the otherworldly. This speaks to her deeply. “Subject matters were always very spiritual. They were infused with things that had philosophical and spiritual value,” she says. “That’s why it’s very inspiring and it’s beautiful to live with, because it opens a door to a dimension that we very rarely touch upon as moderns.”

Michael and Victoria’s deep connection to the past is especially interesting given the fact that they are both practicing Buddhists. One of the tenets of the religion—which arose in ancient India and spread to Tibet, and later across the world—is the concept of samsara, or the cycle of death and rebirth that occurs until nirvana is reached. In Tibetan Buddhism, which the Imperiolis practice, the lamas (or spiritual leaders) are considered to be far along in their journey to the end of samsara. Their teacher is His Eminence Garchen Triptrul Rinpoche, whose picture appears in what Victoria calls “the Buddha room,” a former walk-in closet they converted into a meditation space.

“I made a huge sacrifice,” she jokes, “but it is truly the most important [room] for both of us. In the morning, a lot of times, we will meditate together. That’s the very first thing that we do.” The room is decorated in traditional yellow and red with religious paintings called thangkas that Victoria had made during a trip to Nepal in 2017.

“A lot of meditators go into little caves when they go on retreat, and it kind of reminds me of that,” Michael says. “It draws your mind into a quiet place just being there.” This kind of serenity is especially precious amidst the chaos of New York City, but the Emmy-winning actor and his wife are happy to be back in the Big Apple. “Living in New York without raising kids is a lot easier,” he says. “Having that kind of freedom and flexibility and spontaneity with the two of us has been really fun.”

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