Horoscope Today, November 21, 2021: See daily astrology prediction for zodiac

Cancer, Libra and Pisces ascendant sign people need to guard against family disputes and misunderstandings. Read your daily predictions to know the possibilities for your ascendant sign.


Aries sign people may remain occupied with unnecessary stress as the work will prove chaotic. You must avoid unnecessary discussions on the familial front as a casually made statement may evoke unpleasant reactions. You will have to burn the midnight oil to complete the work otherwise your payments may get stuck. This is a favourable day to explore new business opportunities as you may meet a prestigious party to partner with. You may accept a travel plan.


Taurus sign people may have to cope with disputes among family members so they are advised to remain cautious. You will remain laid back when it comes to chasing the deadlines on work as a result of which there will be some stress. Salaried people may hear some kind of good news in the morning. This isn’t the best day to approach your partner over sensitive issues as your ability to communicate is not at its best.


Gemini sign people will be on their toes throughout the day for work-related issues as a result of which they may get completely drained by the evening. You may have to shell out a large amount on an unplanned expense. This is not a good day to visit relatives or friends. Take care of your health and good rest which you genuinely need. Your spouse may help you in completing a task. A family elder may require care. A friend’s suggestion will prove beneficial.


Cancer sign people will head first into the most challenging and tricky situations and emerge victorious on the work front. You must stay alert and avoid miscommunication on the financial front. Blocks are possible. Students should not waste their time in unproductive activities. Make sure that you do not speak harshly with family youngsters otherwise a family dispute may flare up. A minor physical discomfort is possible.


Leo sign people may to face the ire of their boss. There will be some chaos and a heated exchange because of a misunderstanding but all of it will lead to a transformation for the better in the afternoon. You need to adopt a smart approach and be more responsive towards your boss. Business people may clinch a lucrative deal with a renowned business group. Family members will have a cherished time in each other’s company.


Virgo sign people need to truly value what they have rather than mourning for what they don’t have. Their attitude may keep them disinterested in the present moment and the current assignments as a result of which their bosses may develop a wrong impression of them. You may simply spend the day buying items to enhance the comfort quotient in your home. Do not give unsolicited advice to anybody as the person may raise serious doubts about your positioning to do so.


Libra sign people need to slow down as there will be some physical discomfort or a minor injury. You need to stay alert on the financial front as you are likely to waste a large amount today. A family dispute is possible if you do not remain vigilant while discussing sensitive issues. You may have to do…

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